Friday, November 1, 2013

Throwback Pictures: Hair Accessories

About a year ago I took a little one day course on accessories making. It was a fun experience and I spent the next few days shopping for the tools and materials needed.
I do love shopping and cant miss an excuse to go on a shopping spree :D.

So while going through my pictures folder yesterday, I came across some pictures of the results of that experience.

 Hair Bands

That Rose right there; I was (and am still) proud of that.  I watched a youtube how-to and took a shot and it turned out pretty good (if I say so myself).

I never got to wear any of them though and ended up gifting quite a few and storing up the rest (probably for more gifting later).

Who knows, I may decide to do it commercially sometime in the future...I sure am glad to have acquired a new skill that faithful Saturday in January.

Much Love,


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