Friday, November 22, 2013

Quick and Cute: Pen Purse

I love pens...pens of different shapes and sizes; cheap ones, expensive ones given at exhibitions, conferences and the likes...the cute ones, the not-so-cute ones, highlighters, markers, pencils...colored pens, gel pens, ink pens, glitter pens...and the list goes on and on. I am that gal that always has a spare pen in church, or at the bank :D

So two days ago, I decided to switch bags (I avoid doing this as much as possible - I really do need to sew up one of those movable bag liner//pocket thingy's to make bag switching less stressful), and I was appalled at the dismal condition of my precious pens. While I have a pouch for my "stay-at-home" pens (I know, that sounds weird...lols), I had never really given much thought to keeping the mobile ones "organised". So I decided to make a Pen Purse before heading out.

This was a very quick project (much quicker than the time it took me to type this up) and took a little over ten minutes from start to finish.

I used a little piece of the same red leather I used for this purse last month and added a matching red zipper.

After fitting in my pens, I still had enough space to fit my pack of post-it-notes. Double yay for me :D

After completing this mini project, I got inspired to make a card holder, a much needed make-up purse, and an "unmentionables" holder.

I'll update with some pictures when I'm done with them. Now I'd better get back to serious sewing :D.

Until next time, God bless you.

Love, Preye.

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