Friday, November 15, 2013

Asoebi Sewing Rush

If you are Nigerian, then you are not new to the concept of "Asoebi".
Pronounced ASHO EYBEE: Nigerian outfits made from matching fabric to be worn by a group of people to a party, wedding or naming ceremony...Asoebi translated to English means "Family Cloth". It is a phenomenon seen at Nigerian events where groups of people wear similar clothes to indicate their close relationships
I spent the last one week (Well effectively three days since I do an office job two days of the week) working on Asoebi outfits for a wedding coming up on Saturday and even as at yesterday, I still got a call from someone wanting a last minute dress. Sadly I had to turn her down because I still have my dress to make tonight (whew!)

So its been one busy week for me...busy, but fulfilling. Nothing like seeing a completed dress on a client - suddenly all the stress disappears and all is well in my world :D At least until I remember the next batch of clothes. Lols.

So without further ado, here are the clothes I made in no particular order.

Dress one is a sleeveless flared dress with a Peter Pan Collar and Lace/Button details.

Metallic Zipper

Piping Detail
 I piped the collar and hemline with Pink Bias tape, the Lace and buttons running down the middle were an afterthought (after the fitting she wanted some more oomph to the dress) But its turned out better than when it was plain.
Dress Two: A sleeveless dress with pleats, rhinestones and a matching belt.

Yeah, I do love metallic Zippers



She Struck a Pose :)

 Dress Three: Similar to Dress two but with sleeves. Unfortunately I am yet to take any pictures of the Client in it so this tabletop picture (that doesnt really show anything come to think of it :D) is all I've got.

All the dresses were fully lined with a pink whatsitsname "polyesterish" fabric.

And Finally, dress number four; my favorite of them all and the one that gave me the most satisfaction and least stress :D A dress for a little princess :D

This was very simple and easy to whip up. I added the lace trimmings to make it more playful.

I am quite pleased with the amount of work I was able to squeeze into three days (My body isn't so thrilled though).

Next up, my dress for tomorrow which I am about 20% done with. I plan to finish it tonight after work...yeah, busy night ahead.

Until next time, be good and God Bless you.



  1. Nice dresses, I love the first one, the neck and the lace in front are beautiful. And also the child's own, it's perfect...