Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sewing Updates: Seeing Blue

Hello fashionistas,

I trust you all are superb.

I have been busy doing the usual...

My friend was getting married and requested I make her Bridesmaids dresses as her wedding present. It was a bit of a short notice so I got to work immediately and took a trip to purchase the fabric.

She wanted royal blue and after trekking for hours I finally found a suitable fabric that was just barely enough for the number of girls.

And two days later, I was done with the dresses.

Here are a few pictures

And a close up of the rhinestone belt detail 

The bride was happy, the bridesmaids were happy and so I was happy too. Lol

I did manage to make an outfit for myself to wear at the ceremony as well. And surprisingly not at the last minute X_X

Here's a picture

And a fun shot with DH

Oh yeah, my hair was styled by my lovely sister...she has inspired me to 'want' to style my natural hair more. I tend to do just two things with my hair; The Bun and The Puff.

Until next time, God bless you.