Thursday, November 7, 2013

Late Night Snack: French Toast Crunch

After a long day at work and the usual Port Harcourt traffic, I really was in no mood to cook anything major when we arrived home...but a couple of hours down the line my stomach started making noises and DH admitted he was also hungry.

I had to figure out something quick and easy to make (that was also a stash buster...did I mention I love to shop? That love for shopping usually equals an abundance of ingredients waiting to be cooked up).

We had some bread left over from a couple of days back and I had gotten this recipe in my mail via Food52 some days prior but hadn't had time to execute it due to the morning rush on work days.

I paired it up with some left-over roasted chicken and the perfect late night snack was born.

This was perfect for the evening and got whipped up real quick. about half of the toast didn't make it on the serving dish as they got devoured straight out of the pan.

Here is a link to the recipe: French Toast Crunch

I of course made a few modifications, did mine in a pan over an open flame, used thinly sliced bread and skipped the milk altogether for less fuzz.

I'll recommend this any day and plan to do it again but as a breakfast meal.

Much Love, and God bless...