Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pinterest Inspired: Pillows

I love Pinterest!

I love the unending possibilities that assail me and I could spend hours going through pictures and boards and DIY's and goofy stuff etc. etc. I actually have a couple of folders filled with pictures (from Pinterest) of things I want to recreate. I'll probably still be working on recreating the items in that folder when I am 80 :) (assuming there are no more additions to my crafty list that is).

Anyways, I came across this DIY pillow complete with instructions the other day, and I knew it was just what the Doctor ordered for my sitting room.

Here's the picture (I cant seem to find the Pinterest picture which was a collage type tutorial with the steps in pictures).
Source: Pinterest
Upon searching the internet, I was able to locate the tutorial complete with a free template (I sure wish I had seen this before making mine) on Design Sponge.

Here's My version.

I wanted Bright colors so I skipped the Color wheel idea and used a colorful print with a matching plain fabric. I also added large matching buttons on both sides.

I asked DH to help with the stuffing and he got a little trigger happy. lol. And the result is a pillow that looks about to explode...
I wasn't in the mood for  repeating the task so we decided to leave it as is and reduce the stuffing when doing its first wash.

I originally planned to make two poufs, but after sewing and ironing the 24 rectangles I had a change of heart and decided on a much simpler pillow in the same fabric to complete the look.

(Pardon the shadows, these pics were taken at night)

This I'll call the "Ruffled Heart" Pillow. DH called it the Girly Pillow :D

Matching Button

Both pillows took less than an hour to make. And pillows are officially my new "think-free" go-to gift idea for friends' birthdays and anniversaries.

Did I mention I love my new pillows? I do :D




  1. The pillows ate lovely, they will make great gifts and you should probably start making for sale, people would love them.

    1. Thanks Tata. Will def look into that when I go into full time sewing. ;)