Friday, November 15, 2013

What I Ate: A Large Pasta Serving

Hi everyone. So this week was a roller coaster for me - what with the sewing, work, frustrations with NEPA, loss of all my phone contacts (still trying to sort that out), traffic...and the list goes on and on.

Well I was so caught up in all these activities that I lost my appetite. So even when I'd remember to eat, I wouldn't be able to eat anything substantial. DH was out of town so there was really no motivation to cook and eat alone anyways. Up until yesterday when a friend visited and we decided to whip up a quick meal (and suddenly, my appetite was back in full force :D).

So enter, a "giant" serving of pasta.

You know when you're hungry and you think you can eat a horse (or its equivalent in food) and then 5 spoons down you realize you gave your hunger too much credit? That's exactly what happened. Lol

By the time I had struggled to eat up half of the meal, I realized the folly of my ways :D. My Guest also had a large helping she couldn't finish and we had a good laugh at our "greed".

So did the food go to waste? Absolutely not! Who says you can't have left-over pasta for breakfast.

The sauce was basically a mix-mash of ingredients I had in my fridge.

Tomatoes and Peppers
Green Peas
White Onion
Freshly chopped garlic and ginger.

Everything was chopped up (by my friend/guest while I put finishing touches on her dress), onions and garlic sauteed in butter and canola oil, and then I added  the sausage and let it brown a bit, threw in the chopped tomatoes and peppers, and a little bit of water and allowed it simmer for a bit, added the peas, seasoned with the usual and some herbs, and added the carrots last of all to ensure they didn't get overcooked.

And that was it.

Oh yeah the pasta, I just threw into a pot of boiling water with some salt and veg oil for about 8minutes.

I enjoyed this meal a lot (especially for breakfast this morning). Goes to show that sometimes cooking without thinking pays off...sometimes :D

Until later, God bless.



  1. Lol, it's similar to what I ate, except mine was salad, Pasta salad. I'm experimenting more these days, inspired by you.