Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wedding Dress Update + A Peplum Top and A Smart Skirt

Its been one busy week for me. I was able to put in some time on the wedding project...stitched the top and bottom pieces, attached pockets and did a fitting with the bride (which was a good thing because she happens to have lost a few inches off her waistline - better now than when the dress has been fully completed). As a precaution I am going to shave off an extra inch as well...based on the experience we had during the traditional marriage period, she does tend to lose weight alot I sure wish my weight came off that easily.

Here are a couple of construction pictures.

I also worked on and completed another project. A smart skirt and a matching peplum top.

It was a pretty straight forward style so I decided to add some pizzazz  by piping the sleeves and attaching a couple of covered buttons.

The skirt was as straight to the point as they come. 

 Before attaching the band

 Slit and Lining detail

I added metallic zippers to both pieces in keeping with the current trend.

And for a little fun detail for the top, I did a play of fabrics - alternating the self fabric with the matching lining. This gave me an idea for a top for myself which I'll hopefully find some time in the middle of my workload to make.

Anyways, I finished this up on Wednesday morning and commenced work on a slightly similar project of a skirt and a peplum top. But this is for a much younger lady so I get  to play around a bit more.

 Creating and cutting out patterns

Selecting notions. I plan on a little belt to cinch in the waist and turn-up sleeves with buttons.

I can't wait to finish this batch of clothes and get back to the wedding project.

Until later,

Much Love.



  1. Still waiting to see the finished wedding dress, the suspense is painful... The clothes are nice.

    1. Lols. Thanks. Take it easy oh. Don't worry you'll soon see...