Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More Asoebi Dresses

Its past 10pm and here I am trying to stay awake by typing up a post because once again, I've decided to cook on a whim.

I got home from work today tired and sore from the pile-up of stress from last week and immediately went into the kitchen and brought out two packs of minced meat to thaw. You see, I had stumbled on an old recipe in my diary while at work and was set on cooking it tonight...so here I am, with one hour to burn while the mystery food cooks in the oven; and I figured the best way to spend the time was to "attempt" to catch up on my pile-up of posts :D (Yeah Right).

Last week I worked on two Asoebi Outfits for two lovely ladies. The challenge was to elevate the fabric which had the feel of an unfortunate lovechild between a sack and a lace fabric :D and I had my work cut out for me.

For dress one I settled on a simple pencil dress and used the scalloped selvages for the hems.

I also accented the waist with cut-outs from a fabric which was provided as part of the Asoebi collection, and used matching buttons on the sleeves.

The client liked the dress but had one complaint; the length...she would have preferred it shorter. There really was no quick fix for this because of the scalloped hemline so she had to make do.

For dress two; which was a slightly different color (more of a honey toned shade) of fabric, I chose to combine it with a sequined fabric to create a zig-zaggy look.

And for the sleeves, I decided to stick with the zig zag theme and made an X with the scalloped edge of the fabric.

Unfortunately the client didn't like the choice of sleeves, so I plan to redo them.

I worked on these dresses till the last minute and actually had to do some needle work on the road. I was so relieved to finally finish them (and a lil dissapointed I didnt meet and exceed the clients expectations...Next time will def be better)

Off to check on my food. I've got just four minutes left on my timer.

Until next time, be Thankful


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