Monday, January 6, 2014

Sewing Update: Pillows

Hi People!

A couple of weeks to Christmas a friend commissioned some throw pillows and after a few days of back and forth pinging (via Blackberry Messenger) we finally settled on the fabric and styles she wanted for her pillows (Well she picked just one style and I just flowed with the rest).

And here are the results (Pictures were taken at night so apologies for the less than stellar quality)

Pillow One: I call this one The butterfly pillow.

I worked with a black fabric for the base and used her chosen fabric for the butterfly effect with the aid of a big black belt buckle...I like the sound of that :D...The Big Black Belt Buckle Butterfly Pillow.

Ok moving on. Next is The Ruffle Pillow with button accents.

This one kind of reminds me of Cultural Dances in Secondary School...we'd tie little wrappers around our waists and shake our bums to beautiful traditional lyrics. Yeah, Beyonce copied that booty shake from moi :P


Next up, The Cool Dude. After the dancing lady above, I wanted something a bit more masculine to balance things up and The Cool Dude was born.

Bow-tie effect with a silver buckle

And last but not least, the most time consuming of them all (And the only style she chose herself), The Pinwheel Pillow...

If you recall I made this for my home sometime last year and blogged about it in this post. And if you also recall, we had a little incident with over-stuffing. Well, lesson learnt and applied :D.

I used an invisible zipper for this one as well
Here are the pillows together.

And here are a few construction pictures.

Prior to stuffing

Fully Interfaced

I used a regular zipper for this one since the ruffles covered it completely

And that brings us to the end of project "Throw-pillows"

Until next time, Stay Strong and be blessed.

Love, Preye


  1. Nice one, P Love, I Love the color combinations. They re perfect. Smile