Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What I Ate: Minced Chicken Sandwich

Hi everyone,

I trust you all had a productive day. I for one wouldn't have minded a few more hours today...but thank God for the useful ones I had.

A couple of days ago (2 days to be precise) I woke up feeling at a loss for what to make for breakfast. The Saturday prior to that I had gone shopping and found some minced chicken in the frozen foods section. I picked up a pack to try out as I had never cooked with munched chicken.

I had cheese which I wanted to use up so I decided on a sandwich and this was the surprisingly good result. I knew it would taste good of course but the combination of the ingredients just took this sandwich to a whole different level. So I have a new "TnT" breakfast meal to add to my collection.

Would you look at that! I feel hungry just looking at it. Lol

So where were we...ah the recipe.

Here we go

Fresh loaf of bread (I prefer unsliced)
Minced chicken (about a half kg)
Bell peppers (Red, Green, Yellow and Orange sliced into long strips)
White Onion - sliced
Mozzarella cheese - sliced about a quarter of an inch thick)
Ginger - half an inch size finely minced
Seasonings/spices (ground garlic and curry powder)
Salt and black pepper
Worchestershire Sauce
White Balsamic Vinegar

If your minced chicken (you can substitute with beef) is frozen set it out to thaw a couple of hours prior to when you plan to use it.

Step 1: Place your chicken in a bowl, season with salt, black pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Mix thoroughly, and with your hands form half inch thick patties and set aside. If you are using beef you may need to add an egg (or half) to enable it bind.

Heat a tableapoon of Olive oil in a non-stick pan. Also turn on your oven as you will be needing it shortly.
When the oil is hot, add your patties and allow to brown on both sides turning once after about 2-3minutes.
Remove pan from heat, place slices of cheese on each pattie and pop in d oven to allow the cheese melt. This should take between 3-5minutes. Remove once the cheese is melted

Step 2: Heat two tablespoons of Olive Oil in a fresh pan, add the onions and ginger and allow to soften for a few minutes on low heat. Add the peppers, season to taste and add two tablespoons of the vinegar. Allow to simmer for about three minutes and remove from heat.

Step 3: Slice your bread and spread with mayonnaise lightly on both sides, spoon some of the bell peppers on the bottom half of the bread; with a spatula, scoop out one of the chicken patties with all it's cheesy goodness and place over the peppers and then top with the other aide of the bread. You can secure the sandwich with a toothpick.

Serve with tea if that's your thing, I like water. Enjoy and thank me later :D

I hope you give this a's well worth the effort and comes together in very little time.

Until next time, remain blessed.

Love, Preye


  1. yummy, I always feel like eating up your blog whenever I visit.